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Climbing can be so much more than just a physical activity. Climbing is an adventure. A challenge. A thrill. A discovery. Climbing is where you meet your limits. And surpass them. Climbing is where you encounter new people and make lifelong friendships. Climbing reconnects you with Nature. 

It is something, that brings you happiness and enriches your life. It can be dangerous. Climbing safely requires a lot of knowledge, skills and competence. Our mission is to help you become a skilled independent climber. So that you can go out and play safely in the great outdoors and fulfil your dreams. And we will help to make this journey as smooth and as fun as possible.

Intro Rock


The Intro Rock course is a one day course that offers you an opportunity to have a “ of what it’s like to climb outdoors To explore some of the finest Belgian crags Meet new people and make friends And learn basic climbing and belaying techniques under the supervision and guidance of an experienced, certified instructor

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